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Gravity Forms Wide Label

I often use the excellent WordPress plugin Gravity Forms to quickly build contact forms, surveys, subscriptions, etc. on client sites. The other day I was building a form that had mostly left aligned labels but had some longer, sentence format, survey-type, yes/no questions and needed the label to run the full width of the form instead of just in the left aligned spot. Before: Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 1.06.05 PM After: Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 12.54.04 PM It turns out the solution was pretty simple, so I thought I'd document it here in case in helped anybody else. First, apply a custom style to the field. I used gform_wide_label: Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 12.54.38 PM Then, add the following declarations to your stylesheet: .gform_wide_label .gfield_label{    width:100%; } .gform_wide_label .ginput_container{    display:table;    width:100%; } There you have it. Full column width labels mixed in with left aligned ones.

Mohawk Valley Community Charter School

Custom WordPress CMS template for 501c3 organization attempting to build a charter school.

Custom WordPress blog design for the best sport fishing set-up Central America's ever seen!

Trout Realty, Inc.

Originally design using a customized version of WordPress-MU, this site has recently been redeployed as a Multisite install. Goals for the site included easy maintenance for multiple administrators with different privileges as well as the ability for individual agents to manage their feature rich own sub-sites.


Major transportation industry portal project. Hundreds of pages and approximately 30 custom database-driven systems, including membership, employment, load sourcing, and more. Also provided corporate image development for this client.

Sue Sweet

Static promotional site for a rapidly growing sweetener manufacturer. Site was designed to coordinate with product packaging and other marketing materials.

Seeds Wellness Center

Another WordPress-powered CMS allowed center for alternative medicine to update and expand listings based on current practitioners. Provided illustrations and custom theme.

Running Tree Forestry & Fire

Another WordPress-based CMS deployment. This one allows a residential fire safety business in Central Oregon to disseminate timely information about fire safety and market their forestry and fire consulting services. Custom theme design fits their business nicely.

Premiere Staging

Clean, simple site for real estate staging firm that was designed to match client's sketches. Contained photo galleries as well as information about rates and services.


Simple, extensible site built for excellent three-piece rock and roll combo. Back end powered by WordPress allows members of the band to change the look to match their current record. Version 3 now modularized to allow them to rearrange layout as necessary.